This will be my second zine comprised of creatures inspired by the work Charles R. Saunders. His Imaro & Dossouye stories, set in a fictional Africa, have grabbed me like almost no other author. His complicated heroes, layered supporting characters, imaginative settings, the way he writes action and builds to a crescendo…..are all gripping and compelling. And of course his inspired creature descriptions; from dinosaur-like reptiles to hybrid chimeras, to monsters from various African mythologies. Saunders work is unparalleled.

UPDATE 4/23/21

 First off, I want to say Covid really threw a wrench in our works as we all (Lethe, myself, our designer Matt and printer) had new realities to deal with. Things grinded to a halt and stayed that way for a long time. HOWEVER, in the last few months things have kicked back into gear. I’ve seen approved page layouts and sent a few suggestions along with quick responses! We’re getting there. Thank you so much if you preordered and I really, really can’t express how excited I am about this. I want to send a huge thank you to Steve at Lethe Press for sticking with me and doing what he’s doing. I also want to thank all of you for being so patient. Hopefully, I imbued enough conjure magic in this book that you’ll be full of mischievous joy when it arrives in your ensorcelled hands.monstrousmythologiescoverUNMERGEDTWOORANGE

Here’s the cover for the first of my threee Lethe Press books of monsters! The first will focus on mythological gods and creatures from around the world and will be called, obviously, Monstrous Mythologies!

It’s available for preorder now on the Lethe Press site and will be out in fall of 2021. 

Hey everyone! I know there haven’t been any updates in the last few months but that’s mostly because I was working out the details of a 
very exciting upcoming project. I was keeping quiet about it but now I can announce…


Lethe Press will be publishing three books of monsters that I’ve illustrated! Lethe Press has  been a stellar publisher of weird/horror fiction having released Tom Cardamone’s Pumpkin TeethAnya Martin’s Sleeping With the MonsterLivia Llewellyn’s Engines Of Desire and T.E. Grau’s The Nameless Dark.

The first book will focus on creatures from world mythology and folklore, tentatively titled “Monstrous Mythology: Illustro Obscurum I” we’re aiming for a release by the end of this year! Here’s a quote from the Lethe press release: 

“The ancient myths bears their fangs in this illustrated book by artist Michael Bukowski. As a child, the artist read the works of H.P. Lovecraft and discovered how that weird fiction author name-dropped a veritable who’s who of gods and creatures from ancient folklore. Before long, Bukowski began sketching how he imagined Apollo and Circe as frightening entities.”

“Paperback, 96 pages, featuring full-color art throughout!”

So for those of you who haven’t been able to grab one of the extremely limited hand made zines, I’ll finally have a mass market version available. You should also expect some gods/creatures never before available and some reworked or completely redrawn monsters!

I’m extremely excited about working with editor Steve Berman and Lethe Press! Keep checking in here or on Seventh Church Ministries or Lethe Press for updates!


Monstrous Mythology from Lethe Press
Illustro Obscurum Nyumbani Compendium II
Illustro Obscurum Horrer Kumpendyum IV
Illustro Obscurum Pandæmonium Compendium I
Illustro Obscurum Mappaemundi Compendium II
Gunsho’s Goetia Vol. 2

“We conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity. We hatch the eggs of vipers and spin a spider’s web. Our works are works of madness, and the act of violence is in our hands.”

Welcome to the Seventh Church Ministries.
We are a small scale publishing house dedicated to bringing the most monstrous horrors of literature into the glaring light. Mostly known for the Illustro Obscurum series, we’ve been expanding to including new artists and source material. Our books are hand assembled and painstakingly designed to meet our aesthetic standards.

Our mission is to focus on illustration and the visuals of the horror stories we love and, in doing so, expose you to the monsters that no longer lurk in the dark.