The Mappaemundi Compendium is a brand new zine by Michael Bukowski that was released at NecronomiCon 2017. If you didn’t make it to Providence you now have a chance grab it! It features illustrations based on the sea monsters from Medieval & Renaissance maps!

Illustro Obscurum Mappaemundi Compendium
Available at the Yog-Blogsoth store
First edition limited to 20. Release date: 08/30/2017



Illustro Obscurum Tingleverse Compendium (AVAILABLE NOW)
Illustro Obscurum Mappaemundi Compendium inspired by medieval maps
Stories From The Borderland I with Scott Nicolay & Anya Martin
Paradise Lost by Dave Felton (bonus print by Alex Eckman-Lawn)
Panchatantra by Anoop Bhat (bonus print by Nishat Akhtar)
Gibbelins zine by Ketch Wehr a comic adaptation of the story by Lord Dunsany
Unnamed zine by Ana Armengod
Illustro Obscurum Volume IX

“We conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity. We hatch the eggs of vipers and spin a spider’s web. Our works are works of madness, and the act of violence is in our hands.”

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We are a small scale publishing house dedicated to bringing the most monstrous horrors of literature into the glaring light. Mostly known for the Illustro Obscurum series, we’ve been expanding to including new artists and source material. Our books are hand assembled and painstakingly designed to meet our aesthetic standards.

Our mission is to focus on illustration and the visuals of the horror stories we love and, in doing so, expose you to the monsters that no longer lurk in the dark.