Nick Gucker‘s zine Outer Monstrosities is a dripping tribute to the supernatural weird stories of  William Hope Hodgson. A sailor, body builder and writer, Hodgson made an indelible mark on the weird with his stories of occult detectives, interdimensional monsters and dystopian futures. Nick’s expressive and ghastly work perfectly captures Hodgson’s worlds of giant crabs, sentient fungus and carnivorous rats!


Outer Monstrosities  will come with a companion mini-edition of Illustro Obscurum by Michael Bukowski as well as a mini-print by Yves Tourigny

Outer Monstrosities
First edition limited to 50. Release date: 12/02/2016


Illustrated by Nick Gucker
based on the works of William Hope Hodgson

  • Features 12 black and white illustrations and 1 full color centerfold.
  • 8.5″x 5.5″ format. 
  • Hand screen printed cover. 
  • Hand numbered.
  • Comes with mini Illustro Obscurum Borderland Compendium.
  • Includes Carnacki mini-print Yves Tourigny.